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Boost Revenue with Centra's Unique Vendor Financing Programs



For most equipment manufacturing businesses and resellers, the financing side of equipment purchasing doesn’t offer monetary value to the company. Because these services are outsourced, many of those vendors have decided that the most efficient option is to let other companies handle financing, and instead focus their efforts on the manufacturing processes that they do best.

But Centra’s vendor financing programs offer unique benefits that manufacturing businesses won’t want to overlook. By turning their business into a referral engine that directs new customers to Centra when they’re in need of financing, those vendors can create a potentially lucrative new revenue stream without increasing their operating costs.

Here’s how we use our financing services to support the profit margins of the manufacturing vendors who choose to work with us.

Specialized Financing to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Standard equipment financing packages are available to meet the everyday needs of businesses that need to spread out the cost of new equipment purchases over time. But for businesses facing unique challenges, we offer a number of specialized vendor financing programs to meet the needs of your client base and increase their access to essential business equipment.

These vendor financing programs include the following:

  • New business financing
  • Medical financing
  • Challenged credit program
  • Software programs
  • Deferred payment program

Specialized financing benefits manufacturers and resellers by enhancing their own clients’ access to financing. If your customers aren’t able to obtain funding for their equipment needs, this limited access to financing ultimately affects your sales and earnings potential. Expanded access to financing increases the likelihood that potential customers receive the funding they need, which in turn preserves your incoming revenue.

Real-Time Updates on Loan Applications and Financing Approval

When referred clients apply for financing with Centra, partner vendors can access our Vendor Hub platform to view the real-time progress of those applications. 
This platform provides a number of useful resources to our vendors, such as real-time application status updates to help them estimate when approvals will be finalized and funds will be dispersed for their clients. Timely updates on funding status allows vendors to be more responsive in starting the production process for their clients.

This seamless communication and real-time information enables better customer service, which improves your revenue opportunities with your clients. And you can access this information directly, without having to connect with a Centra staff member, which eliminates any friction from the vendor-lender relationship.

Create Your Own Promotion and Application Link for Referring Clients

In addition to flexible financing options for your clients, Centra also offers revenue-generation opportunities for vendors who refer new funded loans to our business.

Referrals are driven through a customized “Finance It Now” webpage that we build and place on your website, free of charge. When your customers express an interest in equipment financing services, your sales representatives can direct them to this customized page, where they can find more information about Centra’s financing programs and even submit an application for a loan.

Using this custom link, you can promote any specials or details on this landing page for your customers to view. This keeps them informed and engaged throughout the buying process.

A Financing Partner Who Improves Your Bottom Line

Between customizing your finance programs and specialized financing solutions for your clients, Centra helps equipment manufacturing vendors improve their customer experience, increase manufacturing revenue, and create a no-risk revenue stream connected to equipment financing. When you work with Centra, you get a financing partner who cares about improving your own company’s bottom line.

Discover more benefits of becoming one of our partner vendors—download the “Benefits of Becoming a Centra Vendor ” today.

Benefits of Becoming a Centra Vendor