A Look into Centra's Simple Equipment Financing Process

Traditional small business lending creates too much friction in the application and approval process for equipment financing. From the documentation required to the long timelines before funds are approved and distributed, businesses in need of specialized equipment often can’t afford to wait and see whether those banks will deliver the financing they need to remain ahead of their competition.

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The Importance of Vendor Finance Programs to Fit Your Customers' Needs

Even when you don’t offer in-house financing to your customers, their access to reliable funding affects your revenue streams and, ultimately, your outlook as a business. For that reason alone, it’s important to consider the ways your business might help connect clients to financing through solutions-focused vendor finance programs.

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5 Things to Consider When Providing Financing for My Customers

Even if your business doesn’t have an in-house department dedicated to securing financing for your customers, your equipment manufacturing or reselling business still has a vested interest in making sure customers find the financing they need to afford their purchases.

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6 Common Questions When Working with Equipment Financing Companies

If you’ve never worked with an equipment financing company before, you probably have some questions about these unique financing options, as well as the approval process you can expect. Equipment financing is a distinct form of funding that is different from other financing and leasing programs offered by other banks and institutions, and it can provide key benefits and value that support your company. 

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Boost Revenue with Centra's Unique Vendor Financing Programs

For most equipment manufacturing businesses and resellers, the financing side of equipment purchasing doesn’t offer monetary value to the company. Because these services are outsourced, many of those vendors have decided that the most efficient option is to let other companies handle financing, and instead focus their efforts on the manufacturing processes that they do best.

But Centra’s vendor financing programs offer unique benefits that manufacturing businesses won’t want to overlook. By turning their business into a referral engine that directs new customers to Centra when they’re in need of financing, those vendors can create a potentially lucrative new revenue stream without increasing their operating costs.

Here’s how we use our financing services to support the profit margins of the manufacturing vendors who choose to work with us.

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Generate More Sales with Centra's Vendor Hub

Centra does more than offer financing services for equipment vendors and their clients. We also provide our vendor partners with tools to stay in the-loop on leads and transactions, and to improve communication and engagement with their clients.

When you partner with us as a vendor, your business receives access to a customized Centra Vendor Hub that provides a range of tools and features to keep you informed of funding status, improve vendor-customer relationships, and ultimately generate more sales and revenue. 

Here are some specific ways you can use our Vendor Hub to create new sales opportunities and strengthen your overall customer experience.

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5 Things to Look for When Exploring Your Equipment Financing Options

When equipment is essential to your business operations, you need financing options that offer quick, affordable access to this equipment. 

In many cases, though, businesses in need of specialized equipment struggle to get the service or financing terms they need from banks or other traditional lenders. A specialized equipment financing partner can offer better terms and conditions for financing equipment and supporting your company’s long-term success. 

If you’re currently researching your financing options, here are five things you should be looking for.

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